The Audit is an opportunity for Small business owners to have us come in and examine their operations.

What is my collection rate?
What should I expect in reimbursements?
How much should I carry on my accounts receivable monthly?
Am I obtaining maximum results?

When our audit is complete, they receive a comprehensive report that tells them how effective (or ineffective) their current systems are. This comprehensive report will tell them basically if they have a good system or if they need to look at alternative methods:

Billing service
Management Firm

It will tell them what their collection rates should be and how much they should be comfortable carrying on their receivables each month. Additionally, this audit will contain comments on all the processes of their billing from start to finish.

Sign up today and get a free Audit! We will point out and suggest ways to improve their processes regardless if they Contract with us or not. However, if they do, the Audit is free.

It is our opinion that this Audit is a good place to start, both for us and the practice. It gives us an inside look to their processes and needs. We are then better able to understand their practice, what the job entails and how best to set it up for them in the event they Contract with us.

The audit is very beneficial to us because we see the operation from start to finish before we ever offer a Contract, which improves our processes in set up and makes for a seamless transition. It is also beneficial to the practice because they better understand where they are and what to expect when they do contract with us.

It has been our experience that 85% of all medical practices are deficient in their billing operation and are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Their accounts receivable listings are generally astronomical. Our mission is to get their receivables to an acceptable level by timely and accurate initial billing, complete follow-up on denials, and keeping abreast of the ever changing insurance billing rules and regulations (that do interfere with collection rates) for the specialty.

Vickie Elmore
CFS Accounts Receivable Management

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