CFS Accounts Receivable Management
Established July 1 1982

36 years experience in Medical and Commercial Billing
20 different medical specialties

There is a significant difference between a Management Firm and a Billing Service.

Management firms provide in-depth services that maximizes billing opportunities and collection rates.

Our in-depth knowledge has gained us invaluable insight into the practices we serve

This knowledge will benefit all medical practices and is proven by our exceptionally effective collection rates!

Get your collection rates going in the right direction!

Sign up today and receive a bonus of a free mileage book!

Whether you give us access to an internet program you are currently using, or use our program.

Seamless Transitions with no down time.

We will put our knowledge to work for you immediately.

We provide total accountability and confidentiality.

All the way through and including Tax Filing

Call our office today and tell us you want to inquire about the two question eligibility of services. We will ask you two questions and the answer to those two questions will explain to you how you could and, more importantly, why you would benefit from a working relationship with us.

Vickie Elmore
CFS Accounts Receivable Management

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