36 Years Experience

CMRS - Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists
20 different medical specialties

ARM YOURSELF Against Constant Changes In The Health care System.
Our Services Will Give You Tighter Control Over Your Accounts Receivable!

Your Virtual Office without the overhead...

Automatic and continuous monthly billing
Daily balance billing
We Add new charges.. you get a listing

Active collection pursuit

We file the Electronic claims

If claims are rejected, we Investigate and reprocess them!

We send out customer statements

We post receipts.. you get a report

We print an account listing.. you have your data

Telephone calls
Continuous record keeping,
orderly filing and storage of records

We are experts at procedure codes and pricing, and IDC9 codes.

maximize your billing opportunities by working closely with your office, educating you on the processes to increase your revenue and to keep you compliant with the laws.

We are very proud of our collection rates!

Get your collection rates going in the right direction!

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Vickie Elmore
CFS Accounts Receivable Management

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